Guided Movement

1 hr | $33-$77

Movement can help people express themselves and their emotions and connect to themselves and the present moment.

It can help improve your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. 

The movement session includes a brief platica (talk), a short guided meditation, breathwork, stretching, and slow and mid-paced movements. We can accommodate the session based on your mobility, intention, and preference.

After the session, we will talk about your experience and any questions you may have. We will also talk about how you can incorporate healing movement in your everyday life.

Services can take place virtually or at a private location in

La Mesa, CA

Guided Meditation

1 hr | $22-$66

Meditation can help people relieve stress and improve their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. I can teach you how to use meditation as a coping skill.

During the session, we will engage in breathwork and I will guide you to visualize different images and connect with your body and spirit based on your intention.

There is an option to add sound healing, aromatherapy, and somatic (in the body) movement. Option to sit, lay, be still, or move, with open/closed eyes. Everything is based on your comfort level. First-timers welcome. After the session we will be time to talk about what came up for you.

Services can take place virtually or at a private location in

La Mesa, CA

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Disclaimer: Although I have experience in the mental health field, the services offered are not therapy and do not substitute therapy. If you are looking for therapy resources, please let me know and I can support you with that. 
Thank you for your interest.