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Supporting QT+BIPOC  in their healing transformation.



Mariposa Healing is a community resource that was created by me, Eliza Lopez, (Pronouns They/She). I chose the symbol of the butterfly to represent the ongoing transformation beings go through as they heal. While going through my own healing transformation I noticed a lack of accessibility to support and the lack of inclusivity. I wanted to change that by providing services that support people in their healing transformation. These services are open and centered to Black, Indigenous, and People of Color and Queer and Gender Diverse people. A trauma informed and holistic approach is used in all of the services.


 I identify as a non-binary, queer, Mexican person of color of Indigenous decent. I have a graduate degree in social work and have been working in the social services & mental health field for 8 years.
I am here to offer you the support that you seek in your healing journey and transformation. I also hope to remind you of your power and that you are your own best healer.

Disclaimer: Although I have experience in the mental health field, the services offered are not therapy and do not substitute therapy. If you are looking for therapy resources, please let me know and I can support you with your search.

Thank you for your interest.

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